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We specialize in the rental of GPS vehicle tracking devices for personal or business use. Our licensed private investigators will be your personal guide in the installation and use of our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking technology. They can be attached in the inside or outside of your car or other automobile, or may be connected to a sixteen-pin OBDII port under the dashboard. Your monthly service fee allows you to view real-time data on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Call us or send us a message to discuss your needs so that we can customize a solution just for you! Serving Greater Hampton Roads, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Gloucester, Poquoson and the entire Eastern Shore.

Know where your vehicles are at all times!

Monitor your fleet with the ability to know the real-time location of any vehicle or piece of equipment.

Virginia Beach GPS Tracking Rentals

Adding GPS tracking to your fleet can help you improve driver performance by showing which vehicles are nearest to your customers or suppliers. It allows you to observe unsafe driver habits and identify incorrect or unsafe routes, which can result in decreased liability exposure and increased fuel efficiency. Knowing the exact locations of your vehicles gives you the ability to monitor driver behavior and determine ways to improve customer service.  GPS tracking devices are also an easy and affordable way to track equipment and other rental devices. It enables you to know when your equipment has been moved, or if your equipment is at an unassigned location. By tracking your equipment via GPS you can also greatly reduce the incidence of theft. Additional advantages of using GPS tracking for your fleet include eliminating use of vehicles for non-company business, reducing speeding to lower the risk of accidents, recovering and/or retrieving stolen vehicles, improving driver security, and controlling insurance and legal costs..

Suspicious of your partner or spouse?

Give yourself the ability to confirm suspicions, or to at least know that your suspicions are unfounded.

GPS Tracking for Virginia Beach

Infidelity is a sad and pervasive reality in today’s society. A major survey group (Buss and Shackelford) estimates that approximately thirty to sixty percent of all married persons in the U.S. will participate in extra-marital affairs at some time during their marriage, and the numbers are even greater for unmarried couples. Suspicions sometimes arise when a person notices an increase in their spouse’s working hours, more frequent after-work meetings, and an overall pattern of less time spent at home. These signs, combined with other aberrant behaviors, can lead to an unhealthy environment of distrust and anger. Using a GPS tracking device can be one very effective method of either confirming suspicions or hopefully clearing the air of all doubts. These devices can be discreetly attached to a vehicle, permitting a suspecting partner to monitor locations in real-time or view a daily history of comings and goings. It is important to note at this point that using a GPS tracking device to track a spouse should be in a manner that is consistent with local privacy statutes.

Worried about your teenage driver?

Help your teenage driver become responsible as a vehicle operator, with the ability to verify locations and arrival times.

GPS Tracking for Norfolk, VA

Teenage driving is serious business. According to a recent GEICO study, 66 percent of teenager passenger deaths occur in vehicles driven by other teenagers, and over one-third of teenage fatal crashes are speed related. The same study also found that in their first year of driving one in five 16-year-old drivers has an auto accident. These are horrifying statistics for parents with a driving teenager. By viewing location data, useful insights can be derived from how your teenage driver drives on specific stretches of highway or perhaps when and if they enter unsafe areas. A GPS tracking device can also identify the exact location of your teenage driver so you don’t need to wonder where they are, or so you can easily locate them in the event of an emergency. It is also important that your teenage driver understands that a traffic ticket or being involved in an accident can greatly increase insurance costs. By using GPS tracking you can monitor and subsequently help alter the driving habits of your teen, thereby reducing personal risk and the potential for higher premiums.

Helpful for divorce proceedings, child custody cases, special needs children, and elderly loved ones.

GPS Tracking for Chesapeake, VA

Along with the obvious ways that a GPS tracking system can improve the security and safety of your family or business are the less thought of but equally-important applications of the technology. Certain pertinent facts concerning locations of marital partners may need to be established in your divorce case, or maybe you need to know the real-time location of loved ones who may be experiencing early-stage Alzheimer’s. In child custody cases it may be important to verify the location of children to establish compliance with court orders, or in the event of special needs children it is essential that you know they are in the right place at the right time. If you are the owner of a horse ranch, livestock farm or professional kennel, GPS tracking devices are also useful to determine the status and location of your moving, prized live assets. The potential uses of GPS tracking devices are limited only by your imagination.  Whatever your specific needs for GPS tracking technology may be, just remember this….if it moves, it can be tracked.

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